Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sash Sliding Windows

I always prefer bespoke timber windows as timber is naturally renewable. I found great range of varieties with Bereco for bespoke timber windows at really affordable prices.

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Bespoke Timber Windows & Doors from Bereco

Bereco are a premier supplier of timber windows and doors selling nationally and providing products for high specification new builds and the domestic replacement market in both the trade and retail sectors.

Distributing in excess of 600 individually designed, bespoke timber windows and doors each and every week, our emphasis is on providing a professional and friendly service tailored to your needs.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Make money online

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Trampoline an exercise equipement which provides good health and also fun ,Buying trampoline is such a good thing but there are certain quality criteria we have to check and also its necessary to have the review of trampolines

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Trampoline Jumper



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Trampoline Jumper Trampolines via @Digg

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Monday, November 15, 2010

backflow testing Illinois

I was tired of repeated leaking pipes after restructuring my old home. My friend suggested me to check with Lightning Plumbing & Backflow Testing for plumbing and backflow testing in Chicago with for really efficient solutions.

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Lightning Plumbing & Backflow Testing Inc.

Have you received a letter from your City or Village stating that your backflow prevention assembly needs to be tested?

A backflow prevention device, whether it be an RPZ or a double-check, is a device which is essential in assuring that the drinking water in your area will be properly protected throughout the year from contamination via an irrigation or fire suppression system as well as other common household plumbing. These backflow devices are typically located at the water service (near the meter).


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Best way to maintain trampoline

Ok now what you have spent $1500 on your new trampoline and the kids are happy and jumping on it the first few week, you are starting to notice that leaves are starting to fall on from a nearby tree, and there are some local birds that made the net enclosure a new meeting place. Mildew is starting to pile up on your trampoline. What is the best way to clean and maintain your trampoline to prolong the life of your expensive investment?
The first thing you should do is to make sure there are no leaves or debris on your trampolines when you are jumping on it. The sharp edges can easily cut a small hole on the jumping mat, and that hole and easily expand quickly with the pressure of jumping and the stretching of the springs, especially tiny rocks that are on the bottom of kids shoes. For this reason, it is important that kids jumping on the trampolines with no shoes on.
The second thing is to make sure there is no mildew on the spring pad. Bird droppings can be very acidic and can possibly eat straight thru the spring pad. So what we recommend is once every 2 weeks to wash down the mat with water. Just spray with the garden hose to keep clean. And to prolong the life of the spring cover we recommend putting on UV protectant every 3-4 months. It will help against sun damage, such as fading and cracking. UV protectant can be bought at any auto parts store or boat store.

The third thing about maintaining your trampoline is to make sure it is being used according to the specs that are in the manual. If the manual saids 300 is the weight limit, its probably a good idea to not exceed that. And the single more important thing is to make sure the kids are not jumping against the net enclosure. The net enclosure it to make sure the kids are safe in the trampolines while jumping but jumping up and down on the net. It will tear very easily if extreme force is put on it.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Trampoline Review

When purchasing a trampoline online you there are several factors you must put into consideration. That’s if you’re like me and always want to buy the best for your family, which I am assuming you are. Our family has owned several trampolines throughout the years and still to this day the family loves it and spends countless hours on it. Trampolines provide a great fitness workout without even realizing it and can possibly be one of the best cardiovascular workouts.

I am a gymnastics instructor and I have my kids on it about 4 times a week. My kids are teenagers now and they have been jumping on a trampoline since infants. I feel that trampolines are underrated and not used enough by most families. You can purchase your very own trampoline and have it right in your backyard. They come in all sizes and shapes, from rectangles, rounds, square, and octagons. But before just clicking the buy button you must know the specs and reviews of different trampolines and what you are getting. Just like anything else you purchase, the cheapest is not always the best. If you wanted a cheap inexpensive trampoline, you can run to your local Walmart and pick one up but it will most likely last you about a year before the mat and nets start to wear and deteriorate.

The problem with those are that the material is very thin and weak and cannot handle much weight and since it has to sit out in the sun it has to withstand the heat conditions and changing temperature. And trust me, we’ve purchased those brands in the past before and it is definitely not worth your time nor money. I have been doing research and found a brand online “Olympus Pro Trampolines” which are a very high end quality unit. The website is they offer from 12’ rounds to big rectangle trampolines.

I purchased the biggest one they had since my kids are bigger and a bit more advanced users, they can actually do flips and somersaults. The Olympus Pro 14x16XHD is they’re flagship product. And after installing and putting it together I can see it is a very well built unit. The entire unit weighs over 500 lbs and is very heavy duty. The weight limit can withstand 425lbs which is almost more than double of any competitor. The metal frame is very strong and thick compared to our previous models we had owned. We’ve had this trampoline for well over a year now and it looks as good as the day we purchased it. Thanks guys at Happytrampolines!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well choosing a best trampoline can be very tough and its not an easy job atall..first of all you have to consider certain points first will be its quality,you want to purchase a cheap trampoline?if you purchase a cheap trampoline than it should be for only short period and also quality will be low.

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By victorsmith

Best way to set up your round trampoline

  • Rectangle trampolines
    Rated as the best gymnastic quality trampoline in the industry, with the THICKEST and STRONGEST frames and springs, FREE SHIPPING, Get the best gymnastic and recreational trampoline from the best trampoline seller
  • Round trampoline
    Get the best gymnastic and recreational device-Trampoline from the best trampoline seller,Ijumpusa have various kind of trampolines available like Round Trampolines, Rectangular Trampolines, Rectangle Trampolines, Mini Trampoline, Combo Trampoline
  • trampolines
    Get a best gymnastic and recreational device-Trampoline from the best trampoline seller,Happytrampoline's have various kind of trampolines available like Round Trampolines, Rectangular Trampolines, Rectangle Trampolines, Mini Trampoline
  •

    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    A Qualitative products from Ijumpusa

    From last 23 years, IJUMPUSA is providing excellent quality trampolines. We have supplied more than thousands trampoline products all around the world and always got good comments for that.

    We never believe in quality compromise with our trampoline products. For making our trampolines more safe we adopted 2mm galvanized steel while our competitors uses 1.5mm galvanized steel for decreasing manufacturing cost. We have also made our trampoline products more weight tolerance than competitors by using 8.5” to 9.5” trampoline springs.

    We are very much concerned about trampoline jumping bed quality. Our trampolines jumping bed is made of A grade, non-abrasive permatron polypropylene which provides very smooth jumping surface with tight weave of material. We are having great range of round trampolines, round trampoline combos and rectangle trampoline combos with all good quality trampoline accessories.

    Our trampoline is not only for fun, there are lots of health benefits with it. Doctors suggest bouncing on trampoline at least 10-15 minutes to remove obesity and increase metabolism.

    Another good thing about IJUMPUSA is we offer free shipping for your trampolines orders. And majority of IJUMPUSA’s shipments is shipped via UPS or FEDEX. Ijumpusa provide you trampolines. You can find different types of trampoline over here. You can find like round trampoline, rectangle trampoline, rectangular trampoline. This is the place for you to buy the trampolines. At Ijumpusa you can get the cheap trampoline for you. Ijumpusa provides you all kind of trampoline at very low price. Just go to the ijumpusa and choose the trampoline for you at affordable price.

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Find a Quality Trampoline

    After owning several inexpensive trampolines I decided I really should find out what the difference is between the inexpensive and quality trampolines. I got out my cup of coffee kicked off my shoes and started the endless search through cyberspace, the first thing I noticed is how so many look the same and have different weight rating’s how could this be and then comes the fine print 14 gauge frame which I have come to find out means 14 gauge top rail and a 15 gauge leg, this means the trampoline weight limit is lessened due to the tinsel strength of the 15 gauge leg. So make sure that the frame is all the same gauge.

    Looking at the now destroyed trampoline in my backyard I looked at the now split T-joint’s thinking maybe I could just weld it back together do I take the risk or not well the answer is Do not put your kids at risk fix it the right way replace the part so on my search for a new trampoline a replaceable T-joint is going to be a must

    After reading about hot dipped galvanized, powder coated and electroplated frames I have found that these are just cheap tubing made to look high quality. As metal get’s hot and cold it sweats creating water to pool in the legs what seems to happen since there is no galvanization on the inside of the tube it rusts from the inside out. So if it is not fully galvanized steel go on to the next web site.

    The Spring’s which are hidden by the spring pad seem to show signs of minor surface rust a few years back I was concerned about this shorting the life of the spring and after doing the research I found that this was not an issue I really had to worry about a little WD-40 and a rag they cleaned up rather nicely

    Over the years I found that I needed a few replacement springs from the kids jumping off the second story balcony onto the trampoline so when you buy a trampoline buy some extra springs to have on hand who wants to wait a week till the new springs arrive .

    The last thing I was looking at is the spring pad I have bought a few of them over the years, I have found they do not really hold up all that well it seems to be one of the things that gets more abuse then anything the kids standing on them food and drink being spilled on it shortening the life of the pad, most trampoline manufactures don’t say much about the care needed because they want to keep selling you new spring pads so when you do buy your new trampoline makes sure you get a good one that has some type of UV Rating otherwise buy a UV Blocking Spray

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    select best trampoline

    Finding the right company to buy online could be a big headache especially if you’ve never tested the item or even seen it. All you see is a website, some pictures, and perhaps a video on their site. If that’s the case, why not just go to a local sporting goods or a Walmart or Costco and just purchase one. These local stores are even cheaper than the online companies. So why not just buy it from them.

    Well, many trampoline enthusiasts prefer all the bells and whistles that come with a high end trampoline. What separates one trampoline from another? What makes some trampoline cost over $2000 while others are like $500? There are many components that come with a high end trampoline. First thing to look at when purchasing a trampoline is their steel gauge. How thick is their steel? Always compare each company’s steel gauge. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the steel. Steel is the most expensive part of the trampoline and the most important part. A strong steel support frame can endure a higher jumping velocity without the steel bending at impact. Whereas a weak support frame will bend at impact thus loses its bounce. Another area to look at is the spring count, the length, the shape. A quality spring will have more coils than others. Longer spring coils will have more flexibility. And tapered springs will provide the best strength for trampoline bounce. Next, look at the jumping mat. Mats that are made from Permatron material from the US is the best material you can get. Anything else is inferior or imported which will eventually deteriorate within 6 to 12 months. While many companies brag about their Permatron material, make sure that the stitching at the V-rings is at least 8 layers. This is the weakest point of the mat. All the stretching and pulling being exerted is at the v-rings being tied by these stitching. And the next thing to look at is the netting. While many advance jumpers prefer not to use nets, keep in mind that the one cause for trampoline injuries is not having one. I prefer nets being on the outer part of the spring pad rather than inside of the spring pad. This allows more jumping surface and one can sit on the edge if need be.

    So when comparing trampolines, if you review all these points, you will definitely find the best trampoline for your money. Cheap trampoline is not necessarily the best trampoline.

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    Are trampoline dangerous?

    Are trampolines dangerous, these are questions I get asked every day. It is the one of the hardest questions to really answer as a salesman. Anything can be hazardous there are of course different levels of how some things can be dangerous.

    Riding a bike is dangerous, but we all know the inherent dangers involved there from falling over, hitting a pothole , getting a flat tire to of course the worse case, getting hit by car. So many things that we do in our daily lives are more dangerous than jumping on a trampoline. We rush to and from in our cars to work, to the mall and home. All of us have had a fender bender but we don’t get our insurance canceled for that maybe our rates may go up a bit it just seems that the insurance industry has singled out trampolines without seeing how trampolines have evolved over the years with enclosures

    As the internet has become a part of our daily lives, so has YouTube. We can see that people do not always use their best judgment or common sense when it comes to trampolines.

    As I search YouTube , Google , Yahoo and other search engines and look at the videos people post of the trick and stunts they do on their trampolines I ask myself do they have any idea how badly they can get hurt.

    From Jumping off their roofs, balconies to building ramps to skateboard off of , I am just blown away by the parents as they video their kids doing such dangerous stunts.

    Some Insurance companies will not provide you with homeowners coverage if you have things like a pool or trampoline in your backyard these type of entertainment are things that need to be supervised by adults and not let our children run amuck and have their run of the backyard, we do not let our young kids to go the beach or movies without our watchful eye just because there in our own backyards does not mean they we should not do our due diligence as if they were riding their bike down a busy street.

    So what I have come to find that things are only as hazardous as we make them. So leaving your kid out in the backyard unsupervised on the trampoline is as risky as handing them a can of lighter fluid and a match.

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