Friday, October 22, 2010

Are trampoline dangerous?

Are trampolines dangerous, these are questions I get asked every day. It is the one of the hardest questions to really answer as a salesman. Anything can be hazardous there are of course different levels of how some things can be dangerous.

Riding a bike is dangerous, but we all know the inherent dangers involved there from falling over, hitting a pothole , getting a flat tire to of course the worse case, getting hit by car. So many things that we do in our daily lives are more dangerous than jumping on a trampoline. We rush to and from in our cars to work, to the mall and home. All of us have had a fender bender but we don’t get our insurance canceled for that maybe our rates may go up a bit it just seems that the insurance industry has singled out trampolines without seeing how trampolines have evolved over the years with enclosures

As the internet has become a part of our daily lives, so has YouTube. We can see that people do not always use their best judgment or common sense when it comes to trampolines.

As I search YouTube , Google , Yahoo and other search engines and look at the videos people post of the trick and stunts they do on their trampolines I ask myself do they have any idea how badly they can get hurt.

From Jumping off their roofs, balconies to building ramps to skateboard off of , I am just blown away by the parents as they video their kids doing such dangerous stunts.

Some Insurance companies will not provide you with homeowners coverage if you have things like a pool or trampoline in your backyard these type of entertainment are things that need to be supervised by adults and not let our children run amuck and have their run of the backyard, we do not let our young kids to go the beach or movies without our watchful eye just because there in our own backyards does not mean they we should not do our due diligence as if they were riding their bike down a busy street.

So what I have come to find that things are only as hazardous as we make them. So leaving your kid out in the backyard unsupervised on the trampoline is as risky as handing them a can of lighter fluid and a match.

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