Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Trampoline Review

When purchasing a trampoline online you there are several factors you must put into consideration. That’s if you’re like me and always want to buy the best for your family, which I am assuming you are. Our family has owned several trampolines throughout the years and still to this day the family loves it and spends countless hours on it. Trampolines provide a great fitness workout without even realizing it and can possibly be one of the best cardiovascular workouts.

I am a gymnastics instructor and I have my kids on it about 4 times a week. My kids are teenagers now and they have been jumping on a trampoline since infants. I feel that trampolines are underrated and not used enough by most families. You can purchase your very own trampoline and have it right in your backyard. They come in all sizes and shapes, from rectangles, rounds, square, and octagons. But before just clicking the buy button you must know the specs and reviews of different trampolines and what you are getting. Just like anything else you purchase, the cheapest is not always the best. If you wanted a cheap inexpensive trampoline, you can run to your local Walmart and pick one up but it will most likely last you about a year before the mat and nets start to wear and deteriorate.

The problem with those are that the material is very thin and weak and cannot handle much weight and since it has to sit out in the sun it has to withstand the heat conditions and changing temperature. And trust me, we’ve purchased those brands in the past before and it is definitely not worth your time nor money. I have been doing research and found a brand online “Olympus Pro Trampolines” which are a very high end quality unit. The website is they offer from 12’ rounds to big rectangle trampolines.

I purchased the biggest one they had since my kids are bigger and a bit more advanced users, they can actually do flips and somersaults. The Olympus Pro 14x16XHD is they’re flagship product. And after installing and putting it together I can see it is a very well built unit. The entire unit weighs over 500 lbs and is very heavy duty. The weight limit can withstand 425lbs which is almost more than double of any competitor. The metal frame is very strong and thick compared to our previous models we had owned. We’ve had this trampoline for well over a year now and it looks as good as the day we purchased it. Thanks guys at Happytrampolines!


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