Friday, October 22, 2010

Find a Quality Trampoline

After owning several inexpensive trampolines I decided I really should find out what the difference is between the inexpensive and quality trampolines. I got out my cup of coffee kicked off my shoes and started the endless search through cyberspace, the first thing I noticed is how so many look the same and have different weight rating’s how could this be and then comes the fine print 14 gauge frame which I have come to find out means 14 gauge top rail and a 15 gauge leg, this means the trampoline weight limit is lessened due to the tinsel strength of the 15 gauge leg. So make sure that the frame is all the same gauge.

Looking at the now destroyed trampoline in my backyard I looked at the now split T-joint’s thinking maybe I could just weld it back together do I take the risk or not well the answer is Do not put your kids at risk fix it the right way replace the part so on my search for a new trampoline a replaceable T-joint is going to be a must

After reading about hot dipped galvanized, powder coated and electroplated frames I have found that these are just cheap tubing made to look high quality. As metal get’s hot and cold it sweats creating water to pool in the legs what seems to happen since there is no galvanization on the inside of the tube it rusts from the inside out. So if it is not fully galvanized steel go on to the next web site.

The Spring’s which are hidden by the spring pad seem to show signs of minor surface rust a few years back I was concerned about this shorting the life of the spring and after doing the research I found that this was not an issue I really had to worry about a little WD-40 and a rag they cleaned up rather nicely

Over the years I found that I needed a few replacement springs from the kids jumping off the second story balcony onto the trampoline so when you buy a trampoline buy some extra springs to have on hand who wants to wait a week till the new springs arrive .

The last thing I was looking at is the spring pad I have bought a few of them over the years, I have found they do not really hold up all that well it seems to be one of the things that gets more abuse then anything the kids standing on them food and drink being spilled on it shortening the life of the pad, most trampoline manufactures don’t say much about the care needed because they want to keep selling you new spring pads so when you do buy your new trampoline makes sure you get a good one that has some type of UV Rating otherwise buy a UV Blocking Spray

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